Fast and Efficient

Aktiv is a complete set of free and open source tools for network administrators, designed to allow you to work smarter, faster and more accurately. Aktiv is designed from the ground up with workflow and efficiency in mind. Powerful tools allow you to take tasks that have traditionally been tedious, and complete them in mere seconds.

Powerful Active Directory Searches

Aktiv features an advanced Active Directory search tool. With Aktiv, you can design elaborate search queries quickly with the intuitive Query Visualizer. Generate filters for any searchable LDAP property without having to manually write LDAP filters

Built-in Reporting Functionality

Aktiv can generate reports from AD searches, file system ACLs, or user LDAP properties.

Bulk Processing

Aktiv features powerful bulk processing capabilities. Numerous actions can be applied to a list of objects, with logging of all actions taken. Made a mistake? Aktiv creates human-readable text files that can be used to revert your operation.

Unlimited Security Contexts for Active Directory Objects

Do you administer multiple domains with multiple domain accounts? Aktiv allows you to specify different admin credentials, and assign them to different domains as default. The defaults can be over-ridden from the individual object windows.

A File Manager Designed Specifically for Network Administrators

Aktiv features a file manager with full integration of DFS and Active Directory Administration, as well as a built-in GUI for Robocopy. An intelligent open-with/run-as dialog allows you to open files with any application under any credentials, and optionally, with your own command-line arguements.


For most administrative tasks, Aktiv can completely replace Windows Explorer, as well as the DFS, Active Directory Users and Computers, ADSI Edit and Computer Management snapins for Microsoft Management Console, while providing superior workflow and features.